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With innovations in the fields of tree fixing, tree cabling and soil additives GEFA Products Fabritz GmbH attracts regular attention. For the first time, this was in April 1990. 20 years ago, one part of the company Fabritz GmbH was spun off with the aim to develop and market products around the tree in the future.

One of the first articles at the time was the GEFA tree binding - a classic that still belongs to the bestsellers. It was followed by the inclusion of the effective water storing product STOCKOSORB®, for this  we are still the exclusive distributor in the German garden and landscaping trade. Except that, we have developed our own mixed products.By and by the specialized areas of tree security and tree fixing were built up with innovative in-house developments. So GEFA root ball anchoring systems - their advancement to the TREELOCK® system last year made the experts listening – and the GEFA hollow cables and the belt-buckle  systems become indispensable from the market.

"Our big advantage has always been that we were able to react flexibly to customer needs. So  products are developed from the practice for the practice, "says company founder Gerhard Fabritz who still ensures the company with new ideas. This philosophy continue his two children Anja Fabritz and graduate economist Thorsten A. Fabritz  today - consciously associated with a degree of continuity in dealing with customers, suppliers and staff. "Even though we have grown steadily, we are still a family business. It is important that our customers here have a designated contact person they can trust and from whom they receive expert advice, "says Thorsten A. Fabritz.Thus, the business is prepared for the next 20 years, the Krefeld company has realized this year extension of the warehouse and production facilities. So, both lows and individual designs can be logistically handled even better.

"Our customers expect just-in-time service, true to the motto 'Ordered today - delivered tomorrow to the construction site. This we can realize even better by the extension "so Fabritz.

Our main catalouge is now online. With current prices from 2018 -  Download it here for free:    GEFA main catalogue no. 13